[Spring 2021 Student Project Samples]

Total USA Deaths 10/19/2022. Source JHU
Political Decisions and the Course of the Pandemic in Israel
Lilo Primo

Technology: p5js

COVID-19 Data Visualization

NYU ITP COVID-19 Impact Project Graduate Student Work

Daily COVID 19 Death counts are visualized as bars and correlated with political events in the news in Israel. Animation is driven by the level of mortality. Timeframe: February 20, 2020 – October 31, 2021. Video shows navigation of the p5js sketch. More on the development of the concept and early sketches are found below.

Indonesian Medical Heros

Tirta Rachman (Tito)

Student explored how to create a visual memorial to medical professionals in Indonesian building upon an online memorial site that allows colleagues and students to reflect and memorialize those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final Project Presentation

“Death is pretty interesting, in that there is grief and sadness but it brings people together in expressing love and memories.”

Role of Media in Managing Pandemic

Nick Grant

Student sought to explore the questions listed here. Student experimented with creating an interactive “google face mask” which, using augmented reality technology allows the user an immersive media/data experience related to COVID-19 pandemic in different countries.

“Detached” Economic Realities of the COVID-19 Era

Yihan Zhao

Unemployment shot up exponentially, people were dying and losing loved ones, businesses closed their doors. Americans sheltered in place… some of them. On the other hand some people fled dense metropolitan areas for their secluded country mansions and villas. Others (almost) seamlessly transitioned to remote work. And the newly designated “essential workers” kept us fed, provided medical care at extreme personal risk. Sounds like a recipe for tumbling. market indices but instead the stock market kept growing and growing in leaps and bounds.

For me throughout COVID-19 I see my friends from two different backgrounds. I have friends with investment portfolios going up double digits and there are people who cannot pay their rents.

Based on personal experience, student eloquently begins the conversation on the detached economic realities brought into stark relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research on memorials for mass death events

Daniel Johnston

Student focused on memorials around mass death events and community mourning. Project led to student’s interest in disaggregating data to interrogate the effect of COVID-19 on specific demographics.

Student’s Final Reflections

Most of the information pertaining to specific communities is done by accumulating submissions from community members. I would like to continue this research by focusing on the following:

  • Memorials around other viral outbreaks globally
  • Community memorials around mass death

Datasets that I would be interested in seeing:

  • Queer/trans lives impacted by COVID (race, ethnicity, age, location, wealth, income)
  • Datasets showing COVID impact by wealth and income

I am also interested in telling the story of those impacted by COVID and HIV/AIDS.”

Political Decisions and the Course of the Pandemic in Israel

Liraz Lilo Primo

Student used p5js to explore the relationship between political decisions by the leadership in Israel and the unfolding of COVID-19 in that country.

Lilo Primo discusses her COVID-19 Impact Project

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