USA COVID-19 Deaths 08/18/2022: Source JHU

We are developing a crowdsourcing platform for the general public to contribute ideas, share personal stories, memorialize loved ones, and examine statistics relative to our collective COVID-19 experience.

We invite creatives, designers, artists, activists and journalists to brainstorm and collaborate with us to develop a visually compelling digital memorial that will give face and voice to those lost to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Impact Project is a “living” multidisciplinary social justice project reliant on collaboration and contribution from many sources and is therefore a continuous work-in-progress.


John Henry Thompson Co-Creator

JHT studied art at the New York Student Art League and the Boston Museum School and earned a degree in Computer Science and Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. John Henry was the principal engineer for Adobe/Macromedia Director, the inventor and developer of Lingo and XObjects, and a professor of new media at New York University—Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program.

John Henry Thompson is a Full time faculty in New York University’s -Tisch-ITP program and co-creator of the COVID-19 Impact Project.

Shindy M. Johnson Co-Creator

SMJ is an educator and new media technology enthusiast who earned a degree in Chemistry and Physics at the University of Guyana, South America. After migrating to the USA and teaching at a large urban high school Shindy earned a masters degree in Science Education at New York University Steinhardt School of Education. Her interest in emerging digital technologies led to her completing another masters degree in professional studies at New York University -Tisch-ITP program.

Shindy is currently an Adjunct Professor in New York University’s -Tisch-ITP program, a food and urban gardening hobbyist, and co-creator of the COVID-19 Impact Project.



New York University

Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Dan O’Sullivan, Shawn Van Every provide continuing support for the vision of the COVID-19 Impact Project.

The City News Organization

We are working with The City news organization on some upcoming collaborations involving their Missing Them memorial project to remember all New Yorkers lost to COVID-19.

New York University

Huge thanks to Dan O’Sullivan at ITP, New York University for believing in our vision, supporting the Memorial Ticker Installation and encouraging us to create the COVID-19 Impact Project graduate course.

EP Visual Design Inc.

Pete Meyers, the team at EP Visual Design, Inc. and EPV Foundation provided financial support, design consultation and hosting services for the COVID-19 Dashboard

Scribe Video Center.

Scribe Video Center sponsored a public video presentation of a conversation between John Henry and artist Homer Jackson on humanizing pandemic data.

New York University

Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Dan O’Sullivan, Shawn Van Every provide continuing support for the vision of the COVID-19 Impact Project.


NYC Comptroller Report on Frontline Workers
“…workers whom we trust with our health, our nourishment, our loved ones, and our lives are too often ignored, underpaid, and overworked…”

Remembering the New Yorkers We’ve Lost to‌ COVID‑19
“…This is a space to remember and honor every person who died…”

An Incalculable Loss – USA 100,000 die from covid-19
“…America has reached a grim milestone in the coronavirus outbreak — each figure here represents one of the 100,000 lives lost so far. But a count reveals only so much. Memories, gathered from obituaries across the country, help us to reckon with what was lost…”

New York City Coronavirus Map and Case Count

See Who Is In The Crowd
Example of crowdsourced photo wall and commentary.

Let’s build something meaningful together.